Top 3 Video Game Developers To Watch Out For

Video game development and innovation are some of the main factors that drive the industry forward on a daily basis. Companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have been some of the main driving forces behind the constant development of the industry, releasing unique gaming titles for their respective consoles.

Companies that develop video games need to think of new ways to create games that appeal to the masses, while at the same time keeping the spirit of old school gaming alive. To do this a video game development company will need a team of skilled developers, visionaries behind projects, and enough willpower to actually see a game through to completion (which is harder than it looks). Here are three video game development companies that seem poised to take the industry into the future.

  1. KrillBite Studio

If you’re in the know about indie gaming and some of the smaller studios that are making waves around the industry, then you have surely heard of KrillBite Studios. The company made its first real foray into the mainstream section of the industry when it released its surprisingly successful and popular game called The Plan.

This game made minor waves in terms of innovation and how people truly viewed linear storytelling in gaming. It bodes well for the future of a company that is looking to be one of the mainstays and game changers in the industry as we enter into a new generation of consoles and gaming in general. Whether they will go on to create hardware or software, KrillBites first game fills us with a lot of hope and is as exciting and entertaining as playing at an online gambling casino.

  1. Bedtime Digital

It seems as though the horror genre in gaming is starting to become a mainstream genre for a lot of gamers. Perhaps this is because massive triple-A titles like those coming from the Resident Evil series, or those coming from companies that pioneered titles like Dead Space and other blockbusters seem to be putting out.

Indie horror gaming is also on the rise, and no company is doing it quite like Bedtime Digital. If you want to experience an innovative horror game that is unlike anything else on the market, you simply have to try Back to Bed. It allows players to experience a lucid account of what it feels like to sleepwalk and see things that could only be explained in dreams…

  1. Bit Studios

Bit Studios is a testament to the mantra that if you have a dream, you should never give up on it. We say this because the studio has been around since 2010, and has been working hard on releasing fun and unique titles without much success.

However, in recent years Bit Studio has been making real waves in the industry with releases like War of the Mine. Bit Studios is willing to explore themes and stories that have never been explored in gaming before – which bodes well for the future of the company.