Why So Many IT Techs Prefer HP

When purchasing a computer, it is very important to take all your requirements and desires into consideration. As a part of this, selecting a brand that offers what you need should be one of your main priorities. HP is one of the foremost computer brands in the world and has been competing in the industry for well over 50 years. If you’re looking to replace your current laptop or desktop computer, HP is a great option as recommended by everyone on IT.

HP Is The First-In-Class Computer Brand

HP is one of the first-in-class computer and printer manufacturers at the moment. Their innovative developments – as well as their cutting-edge designs – go hand in hand with their incredibly efficient hardware. The company is known for their tablets, laptops and hybrid computers. Steadily rising above their competitors, HP always seems to come out on top for quality of build and aesthetic design.

What HP have been able to do – which a lot of other manufacturers haven’t been able to – is to chop up, combine and blend different elements of PCs, laptops and tablets. The Slate 21 looks to be a desktop computer, with a 21.5 inch screen, however,  it can act like a tablet. With touch screen abilities, you are able to ditch the keyboard and mouse, and then carry the screen around as a large tablet, or utilise it as a smart TV to stream films and programmes. This kind of all-in-one computer and mobile system hasn’t really been matched anywhere else. It gives HP its reputation as an innovator.

A Computer For Everyone

Owing to HP’s large portfolio and proven strength in the computer market, it has the ability to cater to a broad range of customer needs. It’s ideal for working from home and for leisure activities like streaming TV series or playing online casino games. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced computer to do research on the internet and read emails, or a robust machine to do high-intensity tasks like spin the slots reels– HP has the answer for you.

Reliability First

For HP computer reliability is a serious thing. During their decades of experience, they have perfected their manufacturing and design process to ensure that they deliver products which are geared towards lasting for a long time.

There is no better proof of HP computers’ reliability than the military testing that they’ve subjected many of their models to. These tests include being dropped from a height of 30 inches 26 times onto all sides, angles and edges of the machine; being exposed to unexpected electric shocks as well as other tests that are related to elements such as temperature, altitude, and humidity.

Tight Security

HP PCs come standard with a best-in-class suite of hardware and software security elements that are engineered to protect, identify and recover from cyberattacks prior to these becoming headlines. Thousands upon thousands of new malware variants are created every single day. Traditional antivirus aren’t always recognise new attacks. HP Sure Sense utilises proprietary deep learning algorithms and advanced neural network technology in order to instinctively recognise malware and protect against unanticipated attacks.