The Best Video Game Villains Of All Time

Think of great video games and you inevitably think of the heroes; Cloud, Mario, Link, etc. However in all of those franchises the villains are just as important, if not more important, than the hero. After all, Mario is recognisable, but just how much more important to the franchise is he than Bowser? Bowser is actually arguably more fleshed out, more interesting, and far more entertaining.

With that being said, here is a look at some of the most memorable villains in video games. We’re not suggesting this is a definitive list, but think it’s undeniable that without these bad guys, the game themselves wouldn’t be as renowned as they are.

Vaas (Far Cry 3)

What was the name of the protagonist in Far Cry 3 again? Jason something? Who really cares? He was trying to get off an island, and at some point had some conflict with his girlfriend or something? Yawn!

On the other hand, you certainly remember Vaas, don’t you? A big selling point of the game is that Vaas is portrayed by real life actor Michael Mando, and it certainly shows. Vaas as a character is terrifying, charismatic, complicated, and extremely memorable. In fact, perhaps the only reason that Far Cry 3 is still remembered today is because of Vaas, and that says a great deal.

GLADOS (Portal)

Speaking of villains that stole the show, who can possibly forget GLADOS of Portal? Of course in the case of Portal the protagonist is silent, but even still the Portal franchise is synonymous with the snarky, hysterically dry humour of GLADOS. The emotionless, yet endlessly passive aggressive way in which she deals with the player is brilliant, and testimony to just how much the villain can add to a story.

Yes, by the end of Portal 2 GLADOS has become a “good guy,” which is a bit of a shame. Should Portal 3 come along it just won’t be the same if she’s lost her edge.

Bowser (Mario)

Head to the mobile casino Canada loves and, chances are, you will also find the slot version of Mario. That’s how popular the franchise is. But on that same slot game you won’t just find Mario, you’ll also find Bowser. Because, naturally, without a yin there can’t be a yang.

Only in the case of the Mario franchise, Bowser really is where much of the game’s personality can be found. While Mario doesn’t say much of anything, we know that Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach because he wants a bride. Many of the games have expanded on this concept, depicting Bowser as a lonely, hopeful soul that wants nothing more than to be loved. Even if he must kidnap a wife to make it happen.

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)

Last is perhaps the most recognisable villain is gaming; Sephiroth. Cold and emotionless, yet far more complicated than he first seems, Sephiroth is truly terrifying. There is no telling what he is capable of, and what sort of horror he will inflict, all while viewing himself as the good guy.

Enough said.