Microsoft’s Amazing Success Over The Years

Without a doubt, Microsoft is one of the world’s most successful companies of all time. This is plain enough to see; Windows as an operating system currently dominates most of the global home computer market, and Microsoft Office is the most widely used digital office suite of all time.

From the start, Microsoft was fated to be successful, and a large part of this success is due to its founder and long-time CEO, Bill Gates, who has led the company into the globally-important corporation that it is today.

  1. The Ease Of Software

Right from the start, Gates was focussed on providing software to the masses. What’s great about building software is that it misses a lot of the logistical problems that a lot of other businesses must face. A business that wants to build cars, for example, will need to source the materials, engineers, the factories to put the cars together, and so much more. For a company that deals in software, all that’s really needed is space, computers, and the programmers. This makes it much less expensive to put a software business together, and it’s a big part of what made Microsoft easier and more efficient to set up.

  1. Adaptability

A lot of larger businesses tend to find a niche that they are comfortable in and will remain like that for years at a time without ever making any serious changes to their practises. Microsoft was never like this, and Gates made sure to always make sure to that his business was willing to change and adapt at a moment’s notice.

Taking these risks early on ensured that Microsoft was often able to outmanoeuvre many of its main opponents, allowing them to quickly become a true domineering force within the tech world. It was also never afraid to use its cash resources to invest in new projects or buy out competitors that it felt was a threat to the business model.

  1. The Right People

Gates always prioritised choosing the right people for the job, and this is probably one of the most important factors to Microsoft’s overall success, just like choosing the right horse racing tips. They are known for choosing a small subset of workers within the company and putting more pressure on them to complete a task as quickly as possible. They either did extremely well or became overwhelmed and often left the company. This might seem like a cruel way of approaching this kind of work, but it did ultimately mean that only the very best people work at Microsoft, and it has been extremely important to Microsoft’s longevity.

Becoming part of Microsoft is not easy, and a potential employee with need to fulfil specific criteria before they are accepted. This can mean having an excellent CV as well as having to figure out the “riddles” that the company asks them. Working for Microsoft is difficult and time-consuming, but it also offers great pay and the chance to be a part of one of the world’s largest corporations.