What’s The Big Deal About Chat GPT?

Even if you aren’t really that into artificial intelligence, it’s time to pay close attention to ChatGPT as this one is a big deal.

The tool, which was developed by power player in artificial intelligence called OpenAI, allows you to type natural-language prompts. ChatGPT then provides conversational, if somewhat unnatural, responses. The bot remembers the thread of your dialogue, using previous questions and answers in order to inform its next responses. It gets its answers from huge volumes of information on the internet.

ChatGPT is a very big deal. The software seems to be pretty knowledgeable in areas where there’s great training data for it to learn from. It’s not all-knowing or smart enough to replace all humans yet, however it can be creative, and its answers may sound downright authoritative. A few days after its launch, more than a million people were testing out ChatGPT.

How Can Chat-GPT and Similar Technologies Be Utilized?

Before we get into the market, let’s talk about why we believe that this will be so enormous. These systems are “skilled and educated” by the body (database) of information they index. The GPT-3 system has been educated on the internet and some highly validated data sets which means that it can answer a question about almost anything. That means that it’s kind of “stupid”, in a way, as “the internet” is a jumble of marketing, self-promotion, news, and opinion. Honestly we think we all have enough problems figuring out what is real.

The Google competitor to GPT3 (which is rumoured to be Sparrow) was built with “ethical rules” in place from the beginning. According to our sources it includes ideas such as “do not give financial advice”, “do not discuss race or discriminate” and “do not give medical advice.” We don’t know yet if GPT-3 has this level of “ethics,” however you can bet that OpenAI (the company who’s building this) and Microsoft (one of their biggest partners) is working on it.

Chatbots like ChatGPT need refined, deep content in order to really build industrial strength intelligence. It’s ok if the chatbot works “pretty well” if you’re utilising it to get past writer’s block. However if you really want it to work reliably, you want it to source valid, deep, and expansive domain data.

What Kinds Of Questions Can You Ask The System?

You can ask anything, although you might not get an answer. OpenAI will suggest a few categories, such as explaining physics, asking for birthday party ideas as well as getting programming help. So, if you’re looking for winning tips for Canadian gambling, it may not be that helps – thankfully there are online guides that are.

We asked it to write a poem, and it did, though we don’t think any literature experts would be impressed. We then asked it to make it more electrifying, and lo, ChatGPT pumped it up with words such as battlefield, adrenaline, thunder as well as adventure.

ChatGPT’s expertise is quite broad and its ability to follow a conversation is remarkable. When we asked it for words that rhymed with “purple,” it offered a few suggestions, then when we followed up “How about with pink?” it didn’t miss a beat. (Also, there are a lot more good rhymes for “pink.”)