The Top Office Software To Use Right Now

Anyone that has to do any work with a computer will have to have access to office software. This includes an advanced text editor, a spreadsheet application, graphical programs, and many others. Whatever the case may be, having access to the right office software is vital to doing work productively, writing a letter to a friend, creating a presentation, and a number of other important tasks.

There are a lot of different office software suites to choose from, each offering something unique – so take a look at some of the most popular around before making a decision.

Microsoft 365

The most well-known and widely used office suite in the world, Microsoft 365 is what most people will be familiar with. It’s been split into two parts, and users can choose to either make use of the online suite of various tools that Microsoft offers, or to buy the stand-alone suite that they can download and install.

The suite consists of a number of programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and is generally the best choice for those that are using the Windows operating system on their computer. One positive aspect of Microsoft 365 is access to a terabyte of cloud storage that automatically backs up and syncs all documents.

Google Workspace

The next best choice is Google Workspace, which consists of a choice of modern office programs that are all designed to work online. While they are not quite as feature rich as Microsoft’s offerings, they are designed around collaboration, meaning that more than one person can work on a single document in real time. This is perfect for small offices, students, or even large corporations working on individual projects. Google Workspace is free to use for most people, but the business side of the suite costs money.


While very much still in its experimental phase, CryptPad is a great alternative to Google Workspace, even if it doesn’t offer quite as many features. It’s an end-to-end encrypted online office suite that offers a range of tools to increase productivity without ever having to leave the browser. It still has a long way to go but will likely offer more features as it continues to be developed.


Moving on to open source, community-maintained office suites, the most recommended suite around is LibreOffice. What once was nothing more than a clone of Microsoft Office, LibreOffice has evolved into something completely unique, offering a feature-rich set of applications designed to keep individuals and employees as productive as ever, but without the need to rely on large corporations to do so, perfect for work, writing a resume, or just keeping tabs of your latest pokies online NZ wins. The suite comes with everything most people could need, including a powerful word processor, a graphics and slide show creator, a spreadsheet processor, and much more. LibreOffice can generally be found on most modern Linux distributions.