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Upgrading your KidsONE or DanceONE program on Windows Vista or Windows 7

The default setting in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is to not allow non-administrator users to write to files in the Program Files folder.  The Program Files folder is the location where most programs (including earlier versions of  KidsONE and DanceONE) are installed by default.  Since the KidsONE/DanceONE data files are installed in the same location as the program files, this setting in Windows Vista/7 made it impossible for non-adminstrator users to use the programs.

In the newest versions of KidsONE and DanceONE, we have changed the default installation folder to the following:

  \ONE Software\KidsONE or \ONE Software\DanceONE

from the previous default installation folders

  \Program Files\ONE Software\KidsONE or
  \Program Files\ONE Software\DanceONE.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have an earlier version of KidsONE or DanceONE installed in the Program Files folder, we recommend you copy the ONE Software folder in Program Files to the root directory of your hard drive.  For KidsONE this would mean that the program would be located in ONE Software\KidsONE and not Program Files\ONE Software\KidsONE.  When you install the upgrade to the new version, it will be installed by default in the same location. 

Remember, when installing an upgrade you need to install it in the same location as your earlier version and then run the conversion program to convert your earlier data to be compatible with the new upgrade.

If you need additional assistance with this process, please let us know.


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