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This page contains a summary description of many of the features of the DanceONE computer program.  This list is not all inclusive.  To find our more about DanceONE, you can dowload a demonstration version of the program or a manual.

DanceONE Features
DanceONE Database
Billing and Accounts Receivable
Other Features

DanceONE Features

bulletComplete Student, Family and Class Database
bulletAutomatic Costume Sizing and Ordering
bulletMusic Tracking
bulletRecital Planning
bulletFlexible Billing and Accounts Receivable Management
bulletMailing List Management
bulletFlexible, Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities
bulletCustom Report Writer
bulletUnlimited Capacity
bulletSupports Multiple Locations and Instructors
bulletCustomizable Database - Create additional data fields based on your needs
bulletIntegrated email Support - email billing statements, birthday salutations, mass email reminders and announcements
bulletExtensive On-Screen Help
bulletNetworking (Multi-User) Capabilities
bulletUnconditional Money Back Guarantee
bulletUnlimited Toll-Free Telephone Support

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DanceONE Database

bulletStudents - birthdays, measurements, notes (track competition levels, awards, etc.)
bulletFamilies - emergency contacts, address, phone numbers, charges and discounts
bulletClasses - class schedule, maximum enrollment, enrollment age range, enrolled, pre-registered and waiting list students
bulletContacts and Applicants - former/potential students, unlimited categories for mailing lists
bulletCostumes - no limit to number of costumes or size charts, automatic sizing and order form preparation, multiple sizing methods
bulletMusic - keep track of and search for title, artist, description, type, dance category, media, etc.
bulletRecitals - recital program/run through, analyze costume change conflicts and sibling scheduling, dances and numbers that are not from enrolled students and classes
bulletExpenses - after-the-fact expense accounting, setup expense categories and enter information out of your checkbook
bulletScheduling - automatically build classes into schedule, class specific and general scheduled events, billable and non-billable events, automatically ignore holidays when scheduling
bulletAttendance Tracking - attendance rolls, simplified attendance entry, automatically calculate charges based on attendance
bulletNotes - unlimited notes of any length for students, families, contacts, etc.

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Billing and Accounts Receivable

bulletA variety of billing methods are available in DanceONE to accommodate the way you charge.
bulletPeriodic Billing - any period, monthly, quarterly, by the session, etc.
bulletBill by class held or class attended.
bulletBill using charge tables based number of classes or length of classes taken.
bulletCharges and discounts specific to individual families or students.
bulletFamily and student discount plans.
bulletAutomatic late charge calculations.
bulletGroup Charges/Transactions - useful for costume deposits, etc.
bulletDifferent billing statement formats with a variety of options.
bulletEasy, on-screen access to family account information - including transaction history and tuition, costume and other balances.

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bulletLists and labels for students, classes, families, contacts/applicants; you select the information to include on the reports.
bulletBirthday lists
bulletAttendance rolls and reports
bulletSchedules - class and general
bulletTelephone directories
bulletBilling statements and accounts receivable listings
bulletReceipts - can be printed as you enter payments
bulletDetail and summary expense ledgers
bulletRevenue reports
bulletIncome statement
bulletPayments by class (for instructors on commission)
bulletPayment list for bank deposits
bulletCostume order forms and measurement worksheets
bulletRegistration and pre-registration letters
bulletCustom report writer with capability to create mail merge files
bulletMany more reports
bulletA variety of options for selecting and sorting the information to be included in your reports.
bulletAll DanceONE reports can be viewed on the screen, printed or sent to a disk file.

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Other Features


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